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How to book a trip with me.

Step 1

Send a request for cooperation via WhatsApp or email

I answer as quickly as possible, usually within two days, and we make an appointment by telephone so that I get a clear picture of your wishes and interests.

Step 2

We have telephone contact

During this telephone conversation, you provide me with the following information: the desired travel dates, the composition of your group, interests and expectations of the trip. This first meeting will help me to gain a good understanding of your wishes and possibilities.

Step 3

I offer a proposal

Step 4

I send you a first draft of your travel program, including an initial cost estimate.

We discuss the proposed travel program

During this telephone conversation we can discuss further details such as your wishes for transport and the guidance of your trip. Of course this can be tailor-made with a combination of guided and independent travel days, with or without a rental car.

Step 5

I will send a detailed travel plan

You will receive  an extensive and specially composed itinerary, from day to day. This includes all accommodation options, be it hotels or other options such as Airbnb. I ask for a 10% down payment of the total travel sum.

Step 6

We plan a joint meeting with all travelers

We check whether the route is suitable and whether everything is clear. If desired, it can still be adjusted. Once we agree on the program, I will require an additional 20% deposit to make reservations and secure entry tickets. The remaining balance can be paid either prior to travel or on the first day of the tour.

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